When is it Time to Remove a Tree You Are Concerned About

While trees might look stunning all year round, there comes a time when you might have to think about having a tree removed. It’s a big decision to have a tree removed, especially if it is one that not only adds character to a garden, but a tree that you have watched grow over the years. However, a tree comes with a variety of risks and there are many reasons why you may want to give tree surgeons in Maldon a call.

The Tree is Dead

The signs that a tree is dead are relatively clear as you are not going to see any new growth. It might seem harmless to leave a dead tree in place because it is the easy option, but this should not be the case. It can lead to a number of problems but more importantly, the tree becomes a risk from weakened branches that could harm people or damage buildings.

The Tree is Diseased

If a tree has a disease, then you don’t instantly have to fell it but acting quick to remove any branches that could be infected might help. However, if the disease has spread then you should consider having it removed. This is because the disease could spread to other plants and trees nearby and it can also attract pets such as rats and insects.

The Tree Poses a Risk to Something

This essentially means that if a tree is growing too close to a public footpath, road or even a house then it could be time to have it removed. The roots of a tree can cause cracks in paths and the foundations of homes while they can also cause problems for drains as the roots can cause blockages. When this becomes a real risk, then it could be time to have it removed to help prevent damage and future problems.

The Tree Could Fall

A tree can begin growing in one direction and leaning, all of which increases the risk of it falling during high winds. As it will be heavier on one side, it becomes a real risk to people and property which is why it makes sense to have it removed before it does cause damage.

It Has Interior Decay

This is not an easy problem to identify, and it will need professional assistance in order to spot it. The interior decay can worsen over time and that will result in the tree becoming weaker. This can then cause the tree to suffer from structural problems which could mean that it falls during bad weather.

All of the above cases are extreme instances, but a tree can pose a real risk if it is not dealt with when necessary. Of course, removing a tree is a significant job but there are other reasons why you might have a tree removed such as increasing light or enhancing space. However, you look at it, if you do want to remove a tree then you’ll need to call in the experts.

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