How to style your garden for winter

With the general stresses of everyday life, keeping your garden looking stylish all year round can be difficult; this is exacerbated if you are trying to sell your home during the winter months. Balgores estate agent Gravesend branch are experts at winter listings and are always on-hand to offer advice on which changes or updates you should make when listing your home for the first time. In the meantime, check out our quick and easy guide below.

Keep your patio looking its best

A stylish garden will benefit from a high-quality patio area. This should be maintained in time for the colder winter months. Not just from an aesthetic basis, but from a safety one too. Allowing your patio to become covered in slippery moss or wet leaves can pose a safety hazard for your family, and for visitors or potential buyers coming to view. By regularly sweeping your patio and paths, you’ll keep things looking clean and tidy. Pressure washing the patio will also keep it free of unsightly green moss and stains and this doesn’t take much time to complete. You could also consider using a patio sealant to prevent future damage to your outside seating area.

Invest in stylish and long-lasting outdoor furniture

Your outdoor furniture can either make an amazing first impression or a terrible one, depending on how it looks. Winter is the perfect time to track down the best garden furniture deals and to save yourself money. Consider upcycling or replacing old furniture that has seen better days. Investing in a long-lasting outdoor furniture set and some weatherproof covers could completely elevate your garden style.

Shop around for the best deals on garden decor

If you are on a budget, then you can shop around for the best deals on garden accessories at this time of the year. Many stores will have black Friday sale or winter discounts widely available. You could also visit your local reclamation yards or charity shops to find pieces that can be upcycled or transformed with some outdoor paint and a little bit of determination.

Replace any damage and give things a refresh

Sometimes keeping your garden looking stylish in winter simply requires a bit of general maintenance. If you have areas that are looking a little worse for wear, then now is a great time to tackle projects little by little. Repairing broken fences and giving them a fresh lick of varnish or outdoor paint will completely transform your garden. The same can be said for wooden garden benches, with a good sand down and a couple of coats of varnish these will look great and be protected all throughout the harsh winter months.

Clearing out any broken garden ornaments and having a general tidy up, will also make your garden look refreshed and welcoming for guests and viewings.

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