Counselling, Psychotherapy, Mentoring
& Coaching. 
Mental Health and Wellbeing support. 
Face-to-face and online counselling, mentoring and coaching support. Through a range of skills and approaches (Person Centred, CBT, solution-focused), we can assist you in building resilience and personal strength and to find the tools for you to become happier, more confident, more productive and the best you want to be.
By talking we are able to release cluttered, overwhelming and sometimes confusing thoughts; make space in our minds and work toward maintaining that space for ourselves.
Verbalising what we are thinking automatically releases tension in the body, and by learning tools and techniques to help stay calm, sleep more soundly and look after our mental health, we become more productive and positive. Talking support works to encourage us to live a calmer, more balanced and focused life day-to-day.
If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, confused or perhaps you are unable to connect to your regular support services during this time, we are available online to support you.
During this period, we are offering free 30 minute check-in sessions.
mental health support


Research and education is a fundamental element of hellos values.  Through understanding behaviours and developing skills to cope with stress, anxiety and any number of confusing or overwhelming feelings, we are better equipped to move through life feeling more at ease. Slowing our pace and our thoughts and learning techniques which are helpful in staying focused give us the strength we need to live happier, calmer lives.
We post regular updates on research findings, theory articles and relevant topical blog posts to encourage understanding and self education.