Glasgow Bathroom Tenement Designs

Tenements actually are beautiful old characteristics however because of their original design and 130 year old age there are specific problems that may impact any Bathroom Design.

When thinking about your Glasgow Bathroom & Kitchen Design options living in the region there might be some interesting details worth thinking about inside the following sentences particularly if your brand-new bathroom project is actually within the tenement building.

One essential point may be the straightness within the walls if you are searching at tiling. There’s two methods utilized by tilers. One way should be to screed the wall to obtain tiled 100% with tile adhesive and just lay the tiles on the top. This process is alright only when the walls are totally straight otherwise your tiles will continue with the contours within the wall itself.

For people who’ve selected small “Metro” tiles in your Glasgow tenement bathroom along with the walls weren’t plastered (or plaster boarded) straight your finish will most likely be uneven instead of look good. Metro tiles could only be fixed to even walls as well as, as these tiles are extremely small , thin the tiler cannot fix the tiles when using the second method which should be to apply dabs of adhesive to every tile and each one of these having a spirit level.

The end result is, it is a much better idea to utilize large tiles on large, uneven walls unless of course obviously clearly you’re to pay for to give the walls straightened in advance. Please take into account that using plaster boards to balance your walls will reduce the time period of a room by roughly 17mm per wall which can be significant since many tenements are frequently only around 1200mm wide to begin with.

Another point to consider is how you can make installing a baby shower enclosure or bath and screen in this particular narrow space. Lately a totally new solution remains particularly produced for Glasgow bathrooms in tenement structures which uses particularly designed bath screen allowing the client to shower without water staying away from. This revolutionary bath screen also easily folds flat for that wall keep.

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