Wood Briquettes- Grab all essential Facts!

Wood briquettes are good sources of fuel which are primarily derived from parched and trodden wood. These have been a popular fuel source in various parts of the world for decades. These are also known as wood blocks or logs, and they are easy to use. These wood logs can satisfy your requirement to fuel the fire pits. 

Types of wood blocks

While you are searching for wood logs to fuel the fireplace, it is necessary to understand the types of wood blocks available recently in the market. 

Wood briquettes that can burn for a long time are known as 8-hour Night Briquettes. This is a long-lasting source of fuel. These logs are obtained from pure and softwood bark. These are free from any chemical preservatives. These logs will give you 8 hours of continuous fire without smoke. 

If you are looking for high output of heat along with extended burning time, buying fire logs will be the best option. Moisture content is below 8.5%, and these logs are compatible to log burners of different sizes. 

The next one is Sawdust wood logs which come with below 9% moisture content. For users who are going to use wood blocks for the first time, Sawdust briquettes are the best option. These logs have an ash content of only 0.3%, and hence these are environment friendly. 

Those who are looking for bright and powerful burns for up to 2 hours can opt for Pini Kay Eco Wood logs. These types of wood logs come with an extra dry feature with a minimum of 9% moisture. These logs are made of chemical-free hardwood sawdust. These logs can give extreme light for up to 2 hours without splitting and sparking. 

Another popular wood log is known as a hardwood heat log. Once you use these logs, it can heat up a room within 5 minutes. These wood logs also come with moisture levels lower than 9%, with extra dry features. These logs are a great source of fuel for traditional fires. 

Noticeable Benefits of wood briquettes

Wood briquettes or blocks come with several beneficial measures. All can check below the necessary benefits of wood logs.

  • Environment friendly

The best part of these wood logs is that these logs have an immense impact on the environment. These logs are made chemical-free and come with low moisture. Hence these generate low smoke that keeps the environment healthy. 

  • Carbon neutral

Briquettes are more friendly to the environment than coal as these are carbon neutral fuel. These logs are the best for use at home for cooking and fire pits as these are chemical-free. 

  • Easy transportation

If you are planning to camp with your friends, you can easily carry these wood logs without hassle. These logs are available in sturdy and small packages to make smooth transport. 


Wood briquettes are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. Various online shopping sites also sell these wood logs at a reasonable price. Individuals can select the type of wood briquettes as per their requirements. 

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