Everything about Rain Parade and their New Studio Recordings 

A brand-new, eagerly anticipated compilation of entirely new studio recordings is called Rain Parade – Last Rays of a Dying Sun. 

Since 1981, Matt Piucci and Steven Roback worked together on songwriting. They are also partners, together with David Roback, of the renowned LA Paisley Underground group Rain Parade. 

The fantastic news is that Matt and Steven will soon release a new Rain Parade studio album, the band’s first since 1985. The new album, Last Rays Of A Dying Sun, will be published under the brand-new label Flatiron Recordings / Label 51 and will include only original music written by these talented musicians and songwriters. 

A Label 51 Recordings’ first release 

One of the main figures in Los Angeles’ Paisley Underground movement in the early and middle 1980s was the Rain Parade, which has since reformed. 

This album is devoted to psychedelic elements and powerful melodies. The finest songs are those that slowly lose their grip, like “Got The Fear” with its sour fuzzed guitar and mangled words, or “Green” with its insinuatingly alluring haze and alchemical themes. The upbeat psych-pop of “Bring You Back” reveals Rain Parade’s happier side. It also features additional special guests, such as The Bangles’ Debbie and Vicki Peterson. 

More releases by the band 

Emergency Third Rail Power Trip by Rain Parade, which was released in 1983 on Demon Records in the UK and Enigma Records in the US, is widely regarded as a masterpiece. 

After David Roback departed the band, Explosions In The Glass Palace (Enigma US; Demon UK 1984) was recorded. It received the same excellent accolades, and its reputation has grown ever since. 

About their upcoming release 

Rain Parade has been credited as an influence by several bands. 

“Last Rays of a Dying Sun” by Rain Parade stays true to the band’s signature mesmerizing psychedelic stylings as well as hook-filled tunes. With new tunes covering everything from spacey traditional to going on psychedelic rock, Rain Parade, which was founded by its initial members and composers Steven Roback and Matt Piucci, guitarist John Thoman, and seasoned producer Jim Hill, develops an ambiance that transports you through space and time. This record, which features Vicki and Debbie Peterson, the Bangles, and the Moore Brothers as guests, is essential for everyone who likes psychedelic rock and beyond. 

The upcoming Rain Parade CD Last Rays Of A Dying Sun will mark Flatiron Recordings’ imprint Label 51’s debut on the Denver-based label. 


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