Confidentiality and security is imperative
During sessions - content
Anything said within sessions is confidential. The setting in which sessions occur is private and secure and assures no disruption and we ask for you to allow for an uninterrupted session also, unless the type of therapy being offered requires multiple person participation, or unless otherwise agreed, for example, lack of childcare, illness or the need of support workers.
No information will be shared unless there are concerns for your welfare, harm to self or to others or any information spoken of which reflects, insinuates or links to criminal activity. In which case there will be discussion around this and potentially information given to relevant safeguarding and/or third parties. This would also include the sharing of contact information.
Your personal data
The data we collect from you (name, contact phone number, email address), is held only for contact purposes by hello. We adhere to the GDPR regulations which can be found here, your information will not be shared with any other persons or businesses. Information is kept on an external hard drive and locked securely in a keyed safe. Further information on GDPR adherence can be found here.
Online security
Zoom, the online video platform used for sessions is one of the most secure online meeting platforms available. They are SOC2 compliant and certified by TRUSTe for privacy. You can read the security information direct from Zoom here.