About hello

We care about Mental Health.
We are focused on the rehabilitation of each individual who works with us and offer therapy based on what will best suit you, as you are unique. 
We understand that life as we know it is based on our perceptions. We understand that we all need to be heard and that that is hard sometimes.
We aim to educate through our resources to give tools and knowledge for anyone to use towards their growth and becoming more congruent and honest in themselves. 
We believe therapy is an incredibly helpful tool for those who are ready.
We aim to support all those who work with us through what we know is a unique experience.
We say 'hello' because it is a universal greeting, a door opening, a welcome.
We are diverse in our training, offering multiple therapeutic styles of working through change and self-awareness, we embrace the power of talk-therapy, education, training and mindfulness practice to help balance our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
Our therapists work 1-1 or with small groups to clarify and work through issues, explore options,  develop strategies and increase self awareness which creates a more balanced and positive outlook.
Counselling and Psychotherapy is an outlet for you to speak and process.
Mentoring is a short-term, time-bound, goal-oriented therapy to plan and achieve goals.
Coaching is longer-term, hands-on development work to encourage growth in wellbeing, self realisation and reaching goals.
We also support businesses and schools to encourage healthy productivity and growth.​ We also offer training and development sessions.
During this uncertain time there will be bookings available 7 days a week , morning, afternoon and evenings. We will do our best to see as many clients as possible. Email us to arrange your session.
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Self-referral for appointments can be made through the website.
We will arrange an appointment date and time within 24 hours via email or phone.