A guide to the practical considerations of electrical blinds

Whenever you consider a new piece of furniture, a new interior accessory, or a new fitting for your home, you need to pay adequate attention to the logistics of getting your new furnishing or fitting in and making it sure it compliments the surrounding space.

Here at Love is Blinds, one of the most common questions we get asked by prospective customers is about the installation process for electrical blinds in Essex, and what they need to do to make sure that their home is ready. But before we get into the details of installation, how do electrical blinds work?

 How do electrical blinds work

Our electrical blinds are operated by remote control, allowing you to open and close the blinds from the comfort of your bed, desk chair, or sofa with ease. At the click of a button, the mechanism engages a small, motorised unit which is fitted to the blinds, and which helps to facilitate a smooth open and close action – regardless of the location or position of your blinds.

When considering the benefits of electrical blinds, it is worth noting that these offer a similar level of convenience to smart blinds however our smart blinds are connected with your home’s WiFi system which means they can be controlled 100% hands-free and via voice activation. While electrical blinds still require the use of a remote control.

With that said, what does the installation process look like?

 The installation process for electrical blinds

Electrical blinds can be powered by batteries or via your homes mains system and are connected to a remote control which will be given to you following installation. This remote control allows you to benefit from the convenience and ease of electrical blinds, with many of our customers heralding electrical blinds as a solution which lets them add window covering to hard-to-reach windows.

As part of the process, we will offer you a comprehensive quote for electrical blinds across all of your proposed windows – including skylight windows, French doors, Velux windows, and more. Once installed, our team will ensure that you are fully versed in how the blinds work and how to manage the system, leaving you in full control.

 Are electrical blinds right for your home?

If you’re considering an investment in electrical blinds, the question to ask yourself is how beneficial the blinds will be on a regular basis. If, for example, you work from home, electrical blinds can allow you to adjust the flow of sunlight throughout the day, always optimising your screen visibility. If you have high and hard to reach windows in your home, electrical blinds can allow you to control window coverings from afar, while those with electrical blinds in their bedroom or living space simply benefit from the ease, convenience, and luxury of being able to open and close the blinds without getting up.

 The epitome of modern innovation, combining luxurious living with optimum efficiency and convenience, electrical blinds are a solution designed to suit every home. Get in touch with our team to find out more about how electrical blinds could benefit you, and to receive a quote for design and installation.

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